Keeping Businesses Running takes more than Advertising.

The 26point2 Approach

26point2 - Angie Juarez, MBA

About Us

After 15 years in the marketing and advertising industry, 26point2 Consulting Group was founded by Angie Juarez in 2013 with a passion to help businesses reach new levels.  

Our experience stems from the traditional ad agency world to the production worlds of print, radio and tv for some of the U.S.’s biggest brands. However, there is nothing traditional about digital media that businesses need today in order to grow. Talk to us about how we can support your brand's growth with traditional and digital strategies for results.   

Explore, Inform, Advise then Execute!

Before we spend a single penny on marketing & advertising efforts, our services include a comprehensive analysis of your business and your competitors. We EXPLORE to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, then INFORM you of our discoveries...  it’s not all pretty but we’re on your side and working on your best behalf.  

Next, we take the practicality of where you're at now and we ADVISE you of the best options to get your operations and brand to work together. Marketing & advertising can no longer be treated as a separate category in your business, it IS your business and we’ll provide a BLUEPRINT OF ENGAGEMENT. 

And if you are up for the challenge, we'll  help you EXECUTE the strategy! 

Angie Juarez, MBA of 26point2 CG; Keeping Businesses Running with digital media strategies and more!

Why Us? ...and what's with our name?

26.2 miles is the distance of a marathon. Almost anyone can run a marathon IF you are willing to train.   Training includes learning proper running skills, gathering the right training tools & gear and putting in the time and effort to run the long miles.    

Like preparing for the long distance of a marathon, business owners and managers need to continuously be learning new skills, gathering new tools, and effectively put their efforts to work for the endurance of their businesses.    

So when it comes to our clients, we are choosy and want to collaborate with businesses willing to RUN SPRINTS TODAY TO RUN MARATHONS TOMORROW! We are a unique business strategy & operations consultant and a digital media agency that will infuse traditional media as needed.    

Other Services

Event Production

  Our detailed approach to business strategies has allowed us to provide a unique niche category for our clients.  26point2 Consulting Group offers full-service event productions by managing and bringing together all elements of an event.  We specialize in events that require exhibitors, sponsors and a media plan.  We also offer special event consulting in which we can guide you in the right direction but your organization take the reigns.   

Angie Juarez with 26point2 CG helps keep businesses running with the latest in digital media.

Listening Sessions

As a Business Owner, sometimes you need a third party confidant to listen to you talk through the challenges of everyday business.  Talking business with friends or family just doesn't feel right at times.  So if you need to talk but feel that there is no one to listen or if you need an unbiased business opinion to help guide you on your business journey, consider scheduling a listening session with Angie Juarez, MBA.  All sessions are kept confidential and are usually held casually over an early breakfast or coffee. 

26point2... Keeping Businesses Running